Cloud Computing: The on-demand delivery of IT resources over the Internet.

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Why Cloud Web Services?

Instead of buying, owning, and maintaining physical data centers and servers, you can access technology services, such as computing power, storage, and databases, on an as-needed basis from a cloud provider. Organizations of every type, size, and industry are using the cloud for a wide variety of use cases, such as data backup, disaster recovery, email, virtual desktops, software development and testing, big data analytics, and customer-facing web applications. For example, healthcare companies are using the cloud to develop more personalized treatments for patients. Financial services companies are using the cloud to power real-time fraud detection and prevention. And video game makers are using the cloud to deliver online games to millions of players around the world.


Metav8Solutions utilise Cloud Services as the backbone of their solution.


Metav8Solutions provide high class reliability of their services and suport through the use Cloud Services.